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Basic Conditions Of Employment

Importance of Employee Payslips

Employee Payslips

Employee Payslips are formal confirmation that employers are legally bound to provide to an employee at the end of a pay period, which details the amount of pay accrued to the employee for the period, any company specific deductions and contributions, any obligatory statutory deductions and of course the tax that was due on those earnings for that period.

Employers must be reminded that employee payslips are a legal requirement when it comes to the provision of an actual payslip and even more importantly, what needs to be visible in the payslip.

Medical Scheme Fees Tax Credit

Understanding the Medical Scheme Fees Tax Credit

Understanding the Medical Scheme Fees Tax CreditIt’s long been accepted that the healthier an employee is the better it is for them and their employer. Access to good healthcare is crucial to remaining in good health, which is why there have been so many efforts over the past several years – including by the government – to encourage people to enroll in a medical aid scheme.

The costs of doing do are often a sticking point for the average person though. Medical aid schemes are not always easy for the average South African worker to justify adding to their monthly expenses and while these schemes are becoming more affordable they often can’t be described as cheap.

Sick Leave Pay

Sick Leave Pay on a Public Holiday



Often employees are asked to work on public holidays, whether it be by specific arrangement or by virtue of a rotating shift system. Section 18 (1) of the BCEA makes specific provision for such arrangements if the employee consents to working on the public holiday.

It may happen that after an agreement to work on a public holiday has been concluded, the employee falls ill or is injured and is no longer able to work as agreed. For all intents and purposes the agreement to work on the public holiday renders that day an ordinary working day.

Maternity Leave

Maternity Leave Explained


There are many misconceptions regarding Maternity Leave due to lack of understanding for the Employer and Employee

The Basic Conditions of Employment Act applies to all employers and workers, but not –

  • members of the –
    • National Defence Force,
    • National Intelligence Agency, or
    • South African Secret Service; or
  • unpaid volunteers working for charity.

The section of the Act that regulate working hours does not apply to:

  • workers in senior management
  • sales staff who travel and regulate their own working hours
Sick Leave

Sick Leave Entitlement explained in this easy guide

Sick leave entitlement is explained is this easy guide from Pay Solutions to understanding how sick leave is calculated?

Sick Leave Entitlement

What does Sick Leave Entitlement mean?

Sick leave entitlement is based on the number of days an employee normally works during a six week period, in every three-year cycle which is calculated from the first day of employment. If an employee works a five-day week, then six weeks would equate to 30 days, and the employee would therefore be entitled to 30 days sick leave on full pay in every three-year cycle.

Domestic Workers

Domestic Workers Wage Increase 1 December 2015

Domestic workers are being recognised for the fundamental role they play in the labour arena in the lives of South Africans. In April 2003 they were included into the pool for UIF. They can now claim unemployment, illness and death benefits from the unemployment insurance fund (UIF).

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In December each year the Department of Labour publishes new minimum pay rates for Domestic Workers.

SA has seen some important changes to legislation since 2003 regarding Domestic Workers entitlements and rights.

Pay Solutions offer Payroll Services that will keep track of Domestic Workers salaries, leave pay, leave and sick leave days that Domestic Workers are entitled to.