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COID Salaries Ceiling: This has increased to 403 500.00 with effect 1 April 2017

COID Compensation Benefits: Increased effective 1 April 2017. The details can be seen here

UIF: Still no increase in the earnings contribution side of UIF.


The Directors of the South African Payroll Association are excited to announce the SAPA Conference 2017, scheduled for:
6 – 7 September 2017 at Emperors Palace in Johannesburg, 12 September 2017 in Cape Town and 14 September 2017 in Durban.

Equal pay for work of equal value

Wholesale and Retail Wage Increase

Wholesale and Retail Wage Increase is effective from the 1st February 2017, read below on who this applies to.

Wholesale and Retail Wage Increase

Wholesale and Retail Wage Increase.

Sectoral Determination 9: Wholesale and Retail Sector

The employment of all wholesale and retail workers are governed by this legislation.

The determination sets –
  • minimum wages
  • working hours
  • number of leave days
  • termination rules


Sectoral Determination 9 applies to all employers and workers in the wholesale and retail sector, including those associated with-
  • merchandising,
  • warehousing, or
  • distribution operations.
The determination does not apply to workers who are covered by-
  • another sectoral determination, or

What Does Your South African ID Number Reveal About You?

More South Africans will the opportunity to receive a new South African ID number document as The Department of Home Affairs is expanding its Smart ID services to more bank branches across the country. This is alleviate the pressure on the Department of Home Affairs to some degree.

South African ID number


The Smart ID card contains similar information to the current green barcode ID book – most important of which is your ID number.

Besides providing a unique numerical identifier, your South African ID number reveals information about you – such as your date of birth and gender.

Domestic Minimum Wage

South Africa’s Proposed Minimum Wage

Deputy president Cyril Ramaphosa has proposed the national minimum wage in South Africa – R3,500 per month, or R20 per hour. This is how it compares to other national minimum wages across the world.

The proposed National Minimum Wage (NMW) was presented to the National Economic Development and Labour Council (NEDLAC) by a panel appointed to advise on the level at which the NMW should be set.

Minimum Wage

Currently, 47% of all workers earn less than R3 500 per month. Labour and community constituencies at NEDLAC wanted the level to be set between R3 700 and R4 500, an amount the panel concluded would put employers under pressure and lead to job losses.