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Compensation Fund Bursary

Compensation Fund is offering Compensation Fund Bursary opportunity to workers who cannot return to current work due to injuries or diseases sustained at work and unemployed Compensation Fund pensioners who suffered occupational injuries, as a result, acquired a disablement are invited to apply for the bursary to improve their knowledge and skills to return to work or be economically active.



Are you an injured worker who cannot return to current work due to injuries sustained at work?

New Paternity Leave Benefits

Exciting news! South Africa’s new paternity leave benefits begin today!

On 29 October 2019 President Cyril Ramaphosa announced that the sections of the Labour Laws Amendment Act 10 of 2018 will come into effect today, 1 November 2019. 

Parental leave for fathers:

Employers must provide 10 successive unpaid leave days to new fathers. This leave will soon be funded via UIF applications.  Parental adoption leave: 10 consecutive weeks or 10 consecutive days: couples must decide who will take parental leave and who will take adoption leave/commissioning parental leave. A child must be 2 years old or younger for adoptive parents to qualify for parental adoption leave and it is only applicable to one parent.

Online UIF Made Easy

Employees will soon be able to check their UIF status through an Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD)

The Unemployment Insurance Fund (UIF) will soon be rolling out Unstructured Supplementary Service Data (USSD) platform that will enable employees to check their registration and claim status for free at the comfort of their home.

This was announced by UIF Director: Compliance, Malesela Makgamatho, during a stakeholder engagement session with employers today in Rustenburg, North West, that was organised by the Unemployment Insurance Fund, an entity of the Department of Employment and Labour.

Income Tax Made Easy!

What would happen if your employer were to make an incorrect declaration of your earnings, be it accidentally or on purpose? Employers are dependent on the accurate and timely processing of their remuneration packages on a monthly basis. Employers who are unable to meet these expectations are likely to be branded as “bad” employers and will not only have unhappy staff, but result in compliance issues emanating from The South African Revenue Service (SARS).

Employees are required to submit their income tax returns on an annual basis. This year, those who are required to submit income tax returns are those who meet the below, new criteria, which were announced on the 1st of July 2019, when the Tax season was launched:

Asylum Seekers – do they have to pay UIF?

We often have very interesting questions from our clients, and a recent question was around asylum seekers and their eligibility to claim UIF benefits, since they do not have South African ID’s.

In South Africa there were 184 976 documented active asylum seekers on December 31, 2018.
Let’s go back a step and look at the SARS definition about who should pay UIF
All employees, as well as their employers, are responsible for contributions to the UIF. However, an employee is excluded from contributing to the UIF if :-

  • Employed by the employer for less than 24 hours a month


SARS has improved eFiling and the MobiApp with several exciting innovations for Tax Season 2019 to make it simpler and more convenient for taxpayers to file an income tax return. To see an example of the new ITR12, click here. This year taxpayers who meet ALL of the following criteria need NOT submit a tax return:

  • Their total employment income for the year before tax is not more than R500 000
  • They only receive employment income from ONE EMPLOYER for the full tax year
  • They have no other form of INCOME (e.g. car allowance, business income, and rental income, taxable interest or income from another job)