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UIF Maternity Leave Made Easy

Going on Maternity Leave and not sure where to begin, you can claim for UIF Maternity Leave?

UIF Maternity Leave

Who can claim UIF Maternity Leave?

 You cannot claim if you –

  • get benefits from –
    • the Compensation Fund for an occupational injury or disease; or
    • any other unemployment fund; or
    • have been suspended from claiming because of fraud.

You can claim if you are on maternity leave.

Based on legislation in Section 14, Section 24, Section 36, of the Unemployment Insurance Act

Unemployment Insurance Fund Made Easy!

What is Unemployment Insurance Fund? Find out if you are entitled to UIF?

If you have employees working 24 hours or more in a month, it is your responsibility as employer to register yourself and your employee/s with the Unemployment Insurance Fund in order to avoid Unemployment Insurance Fund arrears at a later stage.

When an employee becomes unemployed for whatever reason, or are unable to work due to illness, maternity or adoption leave, they can claim for a few months from the fund, if their previous employer contributed to the fund. It the employer did not contribute they are facing Unemployment Insurance Fund arrears to be settled before the employee can claim any UIF.

Income Tax Act

Income Tax Act – Annuity Income Temporary Disability

Income Tax Act – Pay Solutions bring you the latest changes


Since March 2015, monthly annuity income from an income protection policy has changed from being taxable income, to non-taxable income. Before assessing all the facts, one would simply assume this is great news! However, once examining the facts more closely it becomes clear that the issue is much more complex.
An employee that is booked off work on temporary disability and only earns the income from the income protection policy, will still be “Employed” by the company, but not earn any “Remuneration” and will not be rendering any services to the company in terms of their employment contract.