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Domestic Workers Minimum Wage 1 December 2014

Domestic workers in SA are being recognised for the important role that they play in the labour arena in the lives of South Africans. In April 2003 they were pulled into the pool for UIF. They can now claim unemployment, illness and death benefits from the unemployment insurance fund (UIF).

Each year in December the Department of Labour publishes new minimum pay rates for Domestic Workers.

Pay Solutions offer Payroll Services that will keep track of Domestic Workers salaries, leave pay, leave and sick leave days that Domestic Workers are entitled to.

Annual Leave and Salaries

Annual Leave:

  • Employees who work for 24 hours or more a month may take annual leave.public holidays, holiday, leave, employment, annual leave, employees, payroll
  • Leave accrues from the 1st day of employment for a period of 12 months commencing. This is called the leave cycle.
  • Public holidays are not counted as leave. Should a public holiday fall during a leave period then an additional day’s leave is due.

Encashment of Annual Leave

  • Annual leave is for employees to recharge their batteries. It may therefore not be paid out except on termination of employment.