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IRP5 Tax Numbers from SARS

IRP5 will be due at the end of February. One of the Payroll Services offered by Pay Solutions is obtaining Employee Tax Numbers and generating the employee IRP5. These will be required for the employee IRP5. They can be applied for by the payroll department.

Obtaining Tax Registration numbers for employee IRP5

  • Using the SARS software, EasyFile. Capture the employee details into EasyFile and select the ITReg (income tax registration) option. The system will prompt you for your SARS eFiling Login.
  • The other option is to login in to e-Filing. Go to Organisations. Employee Registration. Capture the information required and submit.

SARS e-Filing for Payroll

SARS e-Filing is a process developed by SARS for the submission of monthly returns, declarations and payments. SARS e-Filing for Payroll Administrators has greatly eased the monthly SARS returns and payments. In a payroll services environment eFiling allows the payroll administrator to upload and balance the August submission and also tax year-end Tax Certificates (IRP5’s and IT3a’s). Payments can also be made to SARS.

These are the links to SARS and SARS e-Filing: and