During COVID-19 many millions of people around the globe will be working from home; utilising the best technology and resources available to them. Some would never have contemplated working from home 6 weeks ago.

There was no time to prepare for the sudden events and with that comes a whole different level of stress. Pay Solution would like to explore the pros and cons of working from home, we feel if you are aware of the cons you are able to make changes which will reduce the stress levels which are counterproductive and embrace the new change. Rise o the challenge of a home working environment.

Parental leave

Working fathers will now have more time to spend with their newborns as the law allowing paid paternity leave kicked in from yesterday, aiming at building better family relations in South Africa.

Fathers will now be entitled to 10 consecutive days of parental leave, which also applies when an adoption order is granted. The adopted child must, however, be under two years old.

One parent will be given adoption leave of two months, the other 10 days.

The Unemployment Insurance Fund’s (UIF) will start processing claims for the new Parental Benefits from 1 November 2019, to contributing and qualifying UIF beneficiaries.

Public Holidays 2020

Public Holidays in 2020 – an extra day on the 10th August 2020

Public Holidays 2020

South Africa will have 13 public holidays in 2020, including an additional day off to celebrate National Women’s Day on 9 August.

Monday (10 August 2020) becomes an additional public holiday in terms of the Public Holidays Act.

South Africans also scored an day off in May last year, to vote in the national elections.

Employees are also likely to take advantage of the long weekends – with Freedom Day (27 April) and Workers’ Day (1 May) set to fall on a Monday and Friday respectively.

15th of January 2020 is the deadline for the submission of your Employment Equity report. If you are a designated employer, with 50 or more employees, or if you are working on maintaining your BBBEE scorecard, then this is something that needs to be taken care of. With year-end around the corner and many businesses shutting down and staff going off on leave there are very few actual working days left to get your report submitted.

Employment Equity

There is no time to delay in preparing yourself for the submission of this years report along with all of the other aspects which need to be taken into account. If you haven’t yet had time to properly implement, you have a small window of opportunity to get your company up to speed and compliant.

Amendments to the Basic Conditions of Employment Act, in November 2018 left both male and female employers excited at the prospect of additional leave for both new moms and dads. For the first time in South Africa, working dads are able to take leave when there is a new baby joining the family. In the past, new dads were restricted to using just the 3 days of Family Responsibility leave when there was a new baby in the family. Once used, there is no further opportunity, until a new leave cycle, for the working father to take leave other than unpaid, if and when the little one is ill or when baby’s mom is in need of assistance with looking after the baby, in the early months. During the first few months, many things can happen with baby which might require working dad’s to take some time off work to help out. So it was with great anticipation that the South African working force awaited the implementation of the new legislation.