Are your employees motivated?

Are your employees motivated? Before you answer that … are you sure you know the answer to that question. What is it that motivates employees at the end of the day? Is it the salary? The benefits? What is it that makes an employee come to work with a smile on their face instead of dragging their feet through the door with a sad face? And let’s face it, as an employer, wouldn’t want to know how to have happy employees instead of staff who can barely make it through the day? Imagine the impact on productivity, accuracy and your bottom line.

Alcohol abuse in the workplace is not tolerated

South Africa is not the only country with a silent scourge eroding the foundation of its economy. In fact, the world over, alcohol consumption has been reported to have far-reaching consequences on individuals of all ages, families, communities and on the economy at large. The alcohol industry is a booming one and South African’s will remember the shock and disdain experienced by drinkers during the nationwide lockdown, when the government outlawed the sale of alcohol because of the Covid-19 pandemic, sending the sales of pineapples and yeast to new and unprecedented levels.

Employee Work-Life Alignment

Employee Work-Life Alignment

Employers who encourage engagement with their employees do this because they understand how important their employees are to their organisation which in turns increases overall performance and the benefits of this on any organisation and the bottom line.

Employees who feel valued and important will go a long way to creating a good working environment and this will have an effect on other employees, equally negativity in the workplace often rubs off on other employees which leaves people feeling demotivated, disillusioned and employees can start feeling resentful about going to work each day.