Annual Skills Development grant submissions are due for by 30th of April 2019, and the system for all SETA’s is open for capture. In order to claim for funding from the Sectoral Education Training Authority (SETA) a company must submit a Workplace Skills Plan (WSP) together with an Annual Training Report (ATR). The Skills Development arena is fraught with acronyms and difficult to understand terminology. While speaking “SDF” is a skills all of its own, the function of being a SDF is a speciality in itself.

SETA Submission

SETA Submission deadline is 30th April 2016. Have you submitted your Workplace SKills PLan and Annual Training Report yet?


For the month of April Pay Solutions are concentrating on SETA submission and enquiries and sharing relevant information with employer’s to ensure they claim their SDL rebates.

Many Employer’s are paying SDL every month to SARS and never claim the rebates.

What is a SETA?  “SETA” stands for Sector Education and Training Authority.

There are millions of people throughout South Africa who want and need to learn new skills. Some are learners who are still at school or in college. Others are already employed but need to improve the skills that they have and also learn new ones.