Pay solutions story

Pay Solutions was started by myself, Shirley Combe, in November 2002. It was ignited by two little sparks.

Pay solutions story

Spark 1: While working as a Payroll Manager in a corporate company, I attended a  departmental meeting in which our Financial Manager said, “You know – we have to do a really good job here because this is one of the departments that can easily be outsourced”.

The high level functioning of your payroll department or payroll service provider is an essential need for your business today. Aspects of payroll can be complex and require a high attention to detail to process. Individuals involved in the payroll function will concede that the only way to ensure that the payroll is run correctly is to put their heads down, close the door and place a “do not disturb” sign on the outside. One small interruption and cause errors to occur and when your employees’ salaries and wages are on the line, there is no room for mistakes which are unprofessional and can be costly to solve.

During its many years in the payroll industry, Pay Solutions has enjoyed the benefits of interacting within many different industries and sectors within the business environment, from micro-enterprises to large corporate conglomerates and everything in between. What this means for you as a prospective client, who is looking for a company to meet all of your payroll needs, is Pay Solutions has “been there, done that, got the t-shirt”. How does this benefit your one of a kind, unique and forward thinking company, who is looking for the best possible customer care and expertise? Employers and their employees can be safe in the knowledge that the experience and expertise which Pay Solutions staff has already gained through their dealing with every variety of payroll situation, issue, problem and their respective solutions, will benefit them directly as a result.   

Pay Solutions is the ideal business partner for any size company and their payroll needs. If you are considering engaging a new payroll provider or even if you are dissatisfied with your current payroll provider and wish to outsource this function enabling you to focus on your core business function, then these are something that you may want to consider before making your ultimate decision.

Customer Service Goals

For the majority of businesses, with rare exception, the monthly payroll is by far and wide their largest expense. This can especially difficult to keep up with if you are a small or medium business who is trying to manage your expenses in order to sustain your growing business. Many employers also do not know how to calculate their payroll accurately in order to ensure that they have a realistic figure of how much their staffs are actually costing them. When it comes to payroll, employers often fall into the trap of underestimating the real cost of salaries or forgetting about the many hidden costs involved, such as UIF, Health and safety aspects, Workman’s compensation, training, all types of leave, not to mention the cost of the basics, such as desks, telephones, uniforms, equipment, office supplies, tea / coffee… the list is on-going.