Minister Nxesi has issued a directive which states that applications can be made for 46 days, beginning 1 July, for employees whose employers are:

1. Not allowed to commence operations under the Disaster Management Regulations.

2. Unable to make alternative arrangements for vulnerable works, (e.g. working from home or taking special measures).

3. Unable to make use of their employees’ services, due to restrictions to the permitted active workforce, such as staggered working.
Applications start Monday 17TH AUGUST 2020.

The application process remains the same for the extension period and all claims must be lodged via the online portal ( OR

First gazetted in November 2013 POPI legislation aims to promote the protection of personal information and the way in which public and private bodies handle and manage personal information. Due to the development of technology around the world, a person’s personal information has become somewhat of a commodity, which others can manipulate in ways that threaten the safety of many individuals. As the worldwide web grew and access to technology became imminently available by a large proportion of the world’s inhabitants, so too was an opportunity created for a person to be manipulated or corrupted by others who have been able to access this information.

Temporary Employee / Employer Relief TERS is the name of the game in the country at the moment. Initially bandied around as one of the safeguards intended to ensure that South Africans and companies would be able to survive what was to become level 5 of lockdown, has become one of the largest frustrations for employees and employers. Shutting the country down for three weeks to allow the country to prepare for the inevitable onslaught of the Coronavirus pandemic made a lot of sense, especially when the government was so quick to the table many solutions, which would help citizens to financially survive the national disaster. What was intended as a solution soon became perceived as a national disaster all of its own?


You must remain at home at all times, except to:

• Travel to and from work
• Attend a school or learning institution oncethese are opened
• Purchase goods or obtain services that areallowed at Level 3
• Exercise, between 6am and 6pm,and not in groups
• Move children between homes, wherepermitted
• Attend a place of worship

You must wear a cloth face mask whenever in public