Return to Work Benefits

HR practitioners and employee wellness co-ordinators have been experiencing a new post-covid hurdle to jump through in the workplace since the return to “normal”. Since experiencing the many benefits of remote working, employees are dragging their heels at the idea of returning to work. This new phenomenon in employee wellness circles, is known as return-to-work resistance and is causing employers across the globe to scratch their heads as to how to develop enthusiasm for employees to return to the workplace.

Cloud Payroll Solutions

Pay Solutions main mission is to take the hassle out of Payroll ensuring employees get paid on time, every time! The winning combination is our robust Cloud Payroll Solution coupled with 80 years combined experience. We are trusted by hundreds of clients and paying thousands of employees every month.

Why Cloud Payroll?
Always online 24 x 7
Employee data at your fingertips wherever you are
High Speed
Automatic Software Updates and Integration
Efficiency and Cost Reduction
Employee data is centralized
Faster Onboarding Process

Pay Solutions ‘your off-site HR and Cloud Payroll Administrators” allow you to do just that by taking the burden off you. Pay Solutions have over 30 years experience in the Payroll Industry, processing thousands of payslips each month thus ensuring your staff will be paid accurately and timeously every month.

COIDA DEADLINE 31st May 2022

The Department of Employment and Labour reminds employers that the deadline for COIDA for 2022, is 31 May. Submissions must be made to satisfy the requirements of The Compensation for Occupational Injuries and Diseases Amendment Act (COIDA), 1997 (Act 61 of 1997). COIDA relates to all employees who work for an employer for more than 24 hours a month, and it is designed to ensure that employees who happen to be injured on duty or become ill as a result of their workplace environment and circumstances, have recourse to have the associated medical bills paid for.

Overtime Know your Rights

Public holiday season began with Human Rights Day in March last month, and soon the Easter holidays are approaching quickly. Taking us through to June, South Africans can enjoy the many additional days of rest that are ahead of us. Employers on the other hand have a little extra work to negotiate the overtime that must be paid when their staff work on these special days. According to the Basic Conditions of Unemployment Act, an employer is required to pay the employee normal rate for every public holiday.

Important Changes to the Cybercrimes Act

Across the globe, businesses and individuals are seeing a massive up swing in cybercrimes which is enabled by a naive and uneducated populous who believe everything they see and read. Who can blame them! Cybercriminals are clever deviants who prey on the isolated, lonely and unsuspecting … before you decide that you are not one of the aforementioned, let us look at just how clever these deviants are.