Tax Fraud

What to do if you find out there may be Tax or Custom Crime happening in your workplace –


SARS wants to make reporting a tax or customs crime easy for you. If you want to see what they consider a suspicious activity click here. They have even created an online form for you to complete.

Tax Fraud


What do you need to get together before you start?

  • It’s useful if you have an ID number; Tax Reference number of the person you are reporting. But it’s not essential. Even a car registration number will help
payroll audit

How to prevent it Payroll Fraud

Employers can take several steps to short-circuit payroll fraud:

Employ a certified payroll practitioner and if fraud is suspected then request a Payroll Audit

Payroll Audit

The days when payroll was a ‘fallen into’ career, one which was discovered as someone worked their way up the ranks, are rapidly disappearing.

Payroll Fraud in the Workplace

We recently found this article on payroll fraud within the workplace which we will post over 2 weeks as its something that can be prevented by being aware of your employees and their behaviour.

When work dedication masks payroll fraud Payroll fraud schemes typically last about 2 years before being detected, and are twice as frequent in small businesses as in larger ones. This is according a 2016 Global Fraud Study by the Association of Certified Fraud Examiners.

off-site Payroll Administrators

Pay Solutions your “off-site Payroll Administrators” takes the worry out of your business so you will know exactly where the business money is going to, there is no risk of payroll fraud taking place. Pay Solutions your “off-site Payroll Administrators”  use a world class, sophisticated,  advanced powerful payroll technology. This functionality enables Pay Solutions to administrate the payroll as well as the client having access to any of the information 24/7.

The risk of payroll fraud is a fear for many company’s in South Africa, the fraud triangle is a model for explaining the factors that cause someone to commit fraud. It consists of three components which, together, lead to fraudulent behavior: