SARS Tax Number for employees

SARS Tax Number for employees

SARS Tax Numbers for Employees

Pay Solutions wish to remind their clients why SARS Tax Numbers are Essential at time of appointment by the Employer.

SARS Tax Number for employees


Easty File – what is Easy File?

  • It is an online system for Employers to submit their Tax Returns.


  • With effect from August 2015, Employers will be unable to complete their Mid-Year Tax Submissions without the Employees SARS Tax Number.
  • SARS Tax Number- Why do Employees have to have a SARS Tax Number – if you are earning an Income, you have to register with SARS.

Payroll Garnishment Deductions

Wage Garnishment

Garnishments are issued when an employee is in arrears with a payment or a maintenance order. The employer is issued with a garnishment order they are required to withhold a certain amount of money from an employee’s salary.

Garnishees cause a major headache for employers, especially for HR and payroll departments whose job it is to make the garnishee payments. Many employers don’t know what to look for when a garnishee is served and just accept it.

A company should have a designated person accepting Garnishment Orders and this person should be trained to look for the following: