Cloud Payroll Solutions

‘Off site Cloud Payroll Administrators”

Are you feeling overwhelmed with the constant legislation updates and changes taking place? Would you like to spend more time on your core business ?

Pay Solutions ‘your off-site HR and Cloud Payroll Administrators” allow you to do just that by taking the burden off you. Pay Solutions have over 30 years experience in the Payroll Industry, processing thousands of payslips each month thus ensuring your staff will be paid accurately and timeously every month.

Cloud Payroll

Pay Solutions know how important it is to pay employee’s on time, every time! Using a “state of the art” cloud based system called PSiberworks (which has been processing payslips for the past 16 years). There are many benefits of using this powerful cloud payroll system such as streamlined processed, improved flexibility and accessibility.

Cloud Payroll

Services offered:

HR & Payroll Administration Take-On

  • Setting up the company with all the rules pertaining to  the company
  • Capturing of the employees into our payroll system with year to date totals if required

HR & Payroll Administration Processing

  • Processing monthly, fortnightly & weekly payrolls
  • Capturing of all payroll changes e.g. Overtime, loans etc.
  • Management of loans and maintenance of the outstanding balances
  • Variances sent to client for sign off of payroll
  • Printing of Payslips.
  •  Monthly Electronic submission of UIF records to Department of labour

Payroll Administration EFT & 3rd Party Payments

  • Electronic Payment of Nett payments into employee bank accounts
  • Electronic Payment of all third party payments and providing third parties with documentation relating to the payment.
  • Payment of Garnishee order requests
  • Submission of EMP201 & payment there-of on SARS e-filing
  • Provide client with electronic  of reports i.e. variance report – showing differences between the current and previous pay period, listing of all earnings & deductions, Medical Aid and Retirement fund reports, Unions, SARS etc. ( available to be e-mailed or on a CD)
  • Creation of electronic GL to interface with most accounting packages
  • Industrial Council Reports


Other Payroll Administration Services

  • Maintain all leave records
  • Handling all payroll queries for staff and management

Mid-Year and Tax-Year End Submissions

  • Balance and submission of August & Tax Year end IRP5 certificates to SARS
  • Create IRP5 Tax Certificates for employees at tax year end.

Disclaimer: The information published in this article or newsletter is of general nature and should not be used without obtaining specific advice as to its application in your business or under your specific circumstances. Pay Solutions will accept no liability if the information is used without first obtaining specific advice from one of our consultants