Leave Management

Annual and Sick Leave Management System

We can assist your company to reduce absenteeism and leave liability by managing their leave records accurately using our real-time online leave management system. Leave liability can have a negative impact on a company's finances.

Pay Solutions will manage your leave, by maintaining all your records,  entering all leave taken and accruing monthly entitlements.

Provision: - this is the movement for the month. On 15 days per annum, an employee will accrue 1.25 days per month. The leave provision for the month is 1.25 multiplied by and employee’s daily rate of pay. (As per BCEA – the leave is calculated on basic salary, any permanent allowance, Overtime & Commission over a 13 week period and company contributions to Medical Aid or Retirement Fund).

Leave Liability: This is the actual value of the leave for an employee. For example if an employee has 10 days vocation– then the leave liability is the value of the daily rate of pay multiplied by the 10 days due.

Failure to maintain leave records could cost an employer dearly

Sick Leave: A five day worker is entitled to 30 days over a three year cycle and a six day worker is entitled to 36 days over a three year period.

The following leave types do not alter the balances but a control needs to be kept.

Family Responsibility – only for death of spouse, child, grandparents, adoptive parents, parent, siblings - ill health of a child that is fully dependent on the employee

Sports – 2 days provincial (must have confirmation from the necessary sporting body) – 3 days for National (must have confirmation from the necessary sporting body)

Study – has to be in the field of work

Union - in certain cases Shops Stewards are entitled to this in the case of Union business

Unpaid – this will impact on the salary and records of the days need to be kept.

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