Domestic workers in SA are being recognised for the important role that they play in the labour arena in the lives of South Africans. In April 2003 they were pulled into the pool for UIF. They can now claim unemployment, illness and death benefits from the unemployment insurance fund (UIF).

Each year in December the Department of Labour publishes new minimum pay rates for Domestic Workers.

Pay Solutions offer Payroll Services that will keep track of Domestic Workers salaries, leave pay, leave and sick leave days that Domestic Workers are entitled to.

Pay Solutions Outsource Payroll Services use a cloud hosted Payroll / HR Solution called PSIberWorks. This can provide clients with online access to all aspects of their payroll as well as HR information when required.

Benefits of a Cloud Hosted Payroll

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Pay Solutions is responsible for processing and managing your payroll. However, you can access all employee, as well as company information via the cloud any time. This access is naturally controlled by user numbers, passwords and client defined access levels.

You can have 24/7 hour access to payroll information via the cloud where you can do the following:

Work  hours are determined by the basic conditions of employment act

Normal hours as follows:

  • 9 hours for a 5-day week
  • 8 hours a day for a 6-day week.
  • On a shorter working week. The hours may be increased with employees consent.
    • For example, an employee can agree to work shifts of 12 hours over 4 working days.
  • The maximum hours are 45 hours per week for ordinary pay.

See section 9 of the BCEA for variations for farmworkers:

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The basic conditions of employment act for employment in South Africa are governed by the BCEA. The Minister of Labour announces various amendments from time to time. The BCEA is a basic requirement of all payroll services.

Basic Conditions of Employment Act 

Annual Threshold Earnings  – 1 July 2013

South Africa Labour Law is governed by the Basic Conditions of Employment (BCEA).  This controls working hours and minimum wages. It also regulates leave,  employment contracts, deductions, pay slips, and termination. This applies to all employers payroll services companies.

As per the Unemployment Insurance Contributions Act, 2002 (Act No 4 of 2002). The following occupations are classified as Domestic Workers:

  • Gardener, Driver, a person who looks after children, the elderly, sick, frail or disabled in a private household. Does not include Farm Workers.

What is the Domestic Workers’ Act?

This act specifies working conditions, e.g. hours of work, overtime pay, pay increases, deductions that an employer is allowed to deduct, annual & sick leave. Also the minimum wages – this usually is updated each year in December for the coming year.